Ginny Smith Pilates

Stand Tall. Be Strong. Move Free


Welcome to Ginny Smith Pilates! I’m so glad you’ve found my page!

I am a Power Pilates certified Pilates Instructor and I hope to pass this love of Pilates and the motion of movement on to you!

My goal with this Pilates adventure is to help people live a more balanced and healthy life through movement.  By meeting people at their current ability level, it opens a more mobile and healthy life for all, no matter the age or circumstance and providing a positive fitness experience for anyone. I’d love for you to join me on this adventure!


I currently offer an Open Mat Class at the FCMC Community Wellness Center in McConnellsburg, PA on Thursday evenings at 6pm. I also book Private Sessions and consultations by appointment.


Walk-in/Single class Rate: $7
5 Class Card: $25


Phone: 301-491-2453


What are people saying about their experience with Ginny Smith Pilates:

I started Pilates with Ginny because my knees would no longer tolerate a
dance-type exercise program. I enjoy the Pilates workout. I have noticed
a difference in my overall strength, flexibility and balance. Ginny
explains the exercises and how to get the most benefit from them. She also
will show us modifications as necessary. She varies our workout routine
for each class. I am satisfied with the Pilates type workout. I’m very happy to have Ginny
as my instructor and would recommend this to anyone looking for a
sustainable workout regimen. — Doris


When I started Pilates class over a year ago there were some poses I wasn’t strong enough to do. But I have definitely seen an improvement in my ability. When I finish a class I feel strong and empowered; I feel a sense of accomplishment. I am by no means an expert but I have fun and have been able to put off a back surgery I was scheduled to have, by strengthening my core. — Deb